2017 04-28

After the storm, how to identify the car flooded car

this time the national heavy rain, so many cities opened a look at the lake state, at the same time, countless vehicles in such a heavy rain also failed to survive. And how are these vehicles handled after the storm? I believe a lot of people in the industry should know that many of the flooded car will actually enter the secondary market. So, in the past, if you want to buy a used car, how to identify the flooded car?

7 9, the Nanjing Morning Post reported that the Yuhuatai District, the core of the Blue River Bridge City District, heavy rain poured into the underground garage of the 6 buildings, more than 130 cars were flooded with a huge loss of relevant content. After the incident, the reporter found that several insurance companies to the owners of the compensation method is: according to the price of compensation for owners of second-hand car every car in front of the water, the vehicle owned by the insurance company. So where does the flooded car flow? Morning news reporter conducted an investigation.

part of the flooded car into the used car market

blue coast in the city district, the reporter found that the trailer came to the rescue car lined up a long queue, some rescue vehicles or the field came. In the District, several insurance companies in the field office, they give the owners compensation method is: according to the price of compensation for owners of second-hand car every car in front of the water, the vehicle owned by the insurance company. An insurance company staff admitted that the insurance company to take away these flooded car, mostly for repair and then auction. There are insurance companies, said the staff, these water truck dragged away directly after retirement.

reporter found that there was a second-hand car market staff to come to the blue shore City District, directly with the owners to talk about price. Industry sources, after each storm, there will be some flooded car into the used car market. In fact, there are indeed part of the second-hand car market unscrupulous businesses, the flooded car as a normal used car sale. If the flooded car in the flooded immediately after processing, and the replacement of the relevant parts, even a professional second-hand car appraisers may not be able to see out with meat.

yesterday, the reporter walked into a second-hand car dealers in Nanjing, the boss told reporters on the ground, after the annual rainstorm caused by the flooded car, there will be some into the used car market. Flooded car price is lower, the second-hand car dealers to take the car to renovate, and then sell at a higher price.

"flooded car" hands down to sell a big profit center

insiders said, "flooded car" especially those flooded more serious vehicles, many parts are damaged, after the repair, the possibility of a problem or than those who do not have flooded the car much higher. It is understood that the flooding car, the acquisition price of water at least 20% lower than before, but after the repair and then sell the hands, and the buyer is not flooded, which has a huge profit in the middle

How to join the eight degree – Fang

now, the food and beverage industry to join, has been very influential. Moreover, we are all aware of the food and beverage industry to join, the opportunity to become rich is also good, the best choice for small business. How about eight degrees? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship!

reporter learned that the eight workshop of Chinese fast food not only unique taste delicious, nutrition and health, not only by the masses of consumers, also let many people give up the fast food would be harmful to the body concerns, do nutrition and delicious to eat. Eight square square Chinese fast food to meet the public demand for health. At the same time, eight square square characteristics of Chinese fast food successful business model, but also to many of the eight degree square franchisee has been a substantial return on material.

eight fast food stores to Fang nutrition fast food, brand management, standardized operation, scientific management, technology, products (nutrition and taste) with the brand communication, competitive advantage, to meet the consumers demand for fast food, fast food, nutrition brand features fast join, this is the eight square the pace of success. Eight degree square in the light of the remaining fresh vegetables when the faint fragrance; fragrant and delicious taste is rich enough to allow people to eat without forgetting, for its praise.

product quality, well received by customers, is the guarantee of the market. With the improvement of the quality of life, eat not only to meet people’s appetite, but also to meet people’s health needs. Eight degree square features of Chinese fast food franchise stores in the raw material for options are very strict and scientific: eight degree square meat is delicious, pollution-free green pork meat, not only retains the original aroma, but also can y absorb the soup flavor, let each one to the eight degree square features Chinese fast food shop customer appetite has been greatly satisfied, everyone praised. Customers in the enjoyment of the eight degree square delicious at the same time, but also to join the franchisee to expand the source of tourists.

eight degree square to join the project selection, is a very good choice. If you join the eight degree square project, is also a very exciting. So why hesitate? Hurry up!

Detoxification and beauty of the 7 kinds of fruit

More and more people pay attention to

health, fruit has become a health ambassador. Today Xiaobian for everyone to take 7 kinds of detoxification and beauty of fruit.

1, banana calories 87 thousand card /100 g

2, papaya calories 27 card /100 g

3, kiwi fruit calories 30 thousand /100 g

4, avocado 45 thousand calories /100 grams of

avocado rich content of unsaturated fatty acids, can increase breast tissue elasticity; vitamin A can promote female (female food) hormone secretion, vitamin C can prevent deformation of the chest, vitamin E helps breast development.

5, apple (Apple food) calories 56 thousand card /100 g

6, 60

/ Grapefruit card

is very low calorie of grapefruit, according to a US study surface, if the normal three meals a day can eat half a grapefruit, health (health food) the effect will be very good. Of course, if you feel suddenly eat half a grapefruit is not enough, then drink grapefruit juice effect is quite satisfactory.

7, tomato 15 thousand card /100 g

Dessert store location which needs to be investigated

dessert stores need to pay attention to a lot of things, including the location of the business is the most important issue should be concerned about. How to choose a suitable location? Franchisees need to investigate a lot of factors. If you want to do a good job in the investment business, you need to continue to learn the main points of operation, good business preparation.

and dessert franchisees to see public transport facilities and traffic. Wide vehicles, vehicles on behalf of the flow of people is more. Store structure and store visibility. The size and the structure and shape of building materials stores. Urban planning restrictions, such as water, electricity, sewage, heating and other conditions.

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2017 04-21

101 Taiwan youth entrepreneurship support program held in Fuzhou

when the mainland entrepreneurial atmosphere increasingly strong, while young people in Taiwan also joined the wave of entrepreneurship. Jointly organized by the Fujian, Taiwan 101 youth entrepreneurship support program finally identified the support list.

"101 Taiwan youth entrepreneurship support program sponsored by the Fujian Provincial Communist Youth League, with 3 years of" one to one "mentor, 50 thousand yuan start gold as well as the place of business, financing channels, matchmaking and other business resources support services for young entrepreneurs in Taiwan meet the conditions. After the program was launched in September 2015, attracted more than 60 people to Taiwan to investigate the entrepreneurial environment of fujian.

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Freshly baked eggs Aberdeen ice cream brand investment

whether it is commercial pedestrian street, or snack street, you can always see this or that feature snacks, eye-catching. Of course, many of them are unique characteristics of the brand, such as Hongkong’s small egg food.

is now more and more people walk on the road of entrepreneurship, but in the face of fierce competition in the market tide, many entrepreneurial projects, I do not know how to select, dragons and fishes jumbled together, today Xiaobian to recommend a guarantee that you won’t regret rich good project — the mayonnaise with freshly baked egg young ice cream.

have you ever been to Hongkong? If you will see to it, there is a snack bar in front of the door is always long queues of people tirelessly waiting for a fresh baked snacks, and often wait one or two hours without complaint! What is this kind of snack? The answer is – now baked egg ice cream!

in Hongkong, the mere mention of small eggs Aberdeen, to 80 year old man, down to a few years old children will be familiar, excitement shows between the lines! With the sweet and delicious taste of the United States to conquer the people, hot so far. Many Hongkong stars are also loyal fans of egg ice cream, we can see that the current baked egg ice cream charm! We baked egg young ice cream fragrance streets, with cold and sweet ice cream, and colorful chocolate candy, it is the heart of girl bursting, people rushed to buy the hot scenes is so difficult to forget.

novel and fashionable in order to attract the attention of the people, the United States and the United States is now the home of the egg cream every family hot, everyone competing to buy, the operator made his fortune, it must not be a choice to get rich!

for small eggs like this kind of brand to join the project Xiaobian personal experience, walking street, a small egg shop front, lined with a long dragon team. The extent of its popularity. If you are interested in joining the Hongkong small egg, please leave a message below our website, we will arrange our staff to see the message the first time to contact you.

2017 04-20

The double education is not the employment and entrepreneurship training

NPC and CPPCC hot topic, the "double" education is causing people more sympathy, to improve the quality of innovation and entrepreneurship, we must strengthen the "double" of education, however, the "double" education is not the employment and entrepreneurship training.

The government work report this year, "

in the four session of the Twelfth National People’s Congress of Yunnan delegation held in March 7th to review the "13th Five-Year plan draft plenary meeting, Zhao Jian said, in the" double "tide, the most basic factor is people, countries need a number of innovative spirit and entrepreneurial ability of people.

"I hope for" 13th Five-Year "plan, do not ignore the" people "of the core elements!" Zhao Jian has a keen eye for observation. In fact, in this year’s government work report, the 76 talked about the "reform", 23 of them talk about the "structural reform", and the "double" related "crowdfunding" was first written into the government work report.

"at present our country has more than 900 million labor, more than 100 million of highly educated and professional skills, but the" double "and the national transformation and industrial upgrading to adapt to the needs of the talent scarce. Only the big data talent, for example, according to the domestic big data expert estimates, with the country’s economic transformation, the Internet of each industry, cloud computing, big data professionals face a huge gap. The next 5 years, the gap will reach about 1 million 300 thousand people." Ge Jianping recommended

Quantum foam is devoted to making a cup of coffee

now all walks of life and the Internet have close contact, the coffee industry is no exception, now "Internet plus cafe" mode just red, the high popularity of quantum Cappuccino has been high, and the quantum Cappuccino but just want to make a good cup of coffee.

now compared to the cafe when queuing to buy coffee, that should be up to the U.S. group, Baidu takeaway line at the team member. How to compete with foreign brands such as Starbucks and Costa, said Li Jun, founder of quantum coffee, we also want to create a Chinese coffee brand.

Li Jun to "entrepreneur" reporters, the quantum Cappuccino has been on the line 7 and 5 Bing Bing coffee drinks, also recently launched a brand of coffee "time tunnel". Li Jun believes that the generation of coffee to replace the high degree of service to replace, really want to precipitate customers or to do their own brand of coffee. To this end, the choice of the quantum foam coffee industry, high-quality coffee beans, syrup and milk and coffee machines and other products, to create a high quality of the "quantum foam coffee".

In fact, this is also the quantum

Li Jun before founding quantum Cappuccino in electricity generation operation industry has a wealth of experience, and the information management system of enterprises is very familiar with ERP. Li Jun believes that the quality of the ERP accounted for half of the success or failure of the retail industry, the future of quantum foam coffee also plans to provide ERP services for all coffee companies.


What are the operating noodle soup

noodle shop can be seen everywhere, there are a lot of noodles on the market, then, want to run a noodle shop, you need to pay attention to a lot of skills. So, operating noodle, then what are the skills? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

1. to maintain the "noodle" sanitation and cleanliness:

environmental health and clean, is the basic requirement in the catering industry, to the guests to feel good, but also to let the guests eat at ease, must wash a floor cleaner every day, and regular cleaning, so as to maintain the entire "noodle shop" is not greasy, give guests clean dining environment, but also reduce cockroaches, ants and so on mouse insect pest occurrence opportunity, for government food regulations, also do a good job.

2. fast food supply:

modern people in a tense industrial society, everything about the efficiency of speed, for there is no waiting patiently, a "noodle" when the guests left a good recipe, a minute a dish is ample, preparation work is most important, fast food supply can improve the "noodle shop" business income, business noodle when dining, the peak time, without ready, is not able to supply the needs of guests, staff is the most important, what people do what


3. stable meal quality:

everyone grew up from birth to growth process, growth environment, so the meal Custom makes all things easy. different business noodle shop, one of the guests left the same meal every time left, he is love this dish, he taste mouth, so a "noodle" for each bowl of noodle weight the main course dishes, size, content, seasoning, soup, etc. every time is the same, so in the operation of a "noodle shop" for a product that is not easy to change his production process.

4. care about guest places:

a guest you are going to notice he is there, eating habits? Business such as noodle, love light, David, David salty spicy, the guests, he love sauce put on, he got the feeling. Tea is also a heavy paper yet, don’t let the guests to you, chili sauce, vinegar and so don’t let the guests to the table don’t get


5. tried to attract customers:

shop guests active site dining is passive, is based on the location of stores in which to sell, the initiative allows customers to see your "noodle" look! Business such as noodle, door signs, night lights and mobile, placed at the door "guest, waiter!" combo Soup + = a yuan? "And" Noodles Soup + + Lo =? Yuan, eat beef noodles and send dishes. Room rent and wages

Tribute tea to join you not the same tea feast

we all know, in the ancient nobility parties need regular paid tribute to the emperor tributary, which will be the best tribute tea is tea dedicated to the nobility. The purpose of tribute tea is to make every tribute tea consumers are entitled to the treatment of nobility, quality selection, the production process is fine, to love tea is not the same feeling.

tribute tea stores in fresh as a whole concept, emphasizing the on-site production, adding fresh tea elements, innovative research and development of health tea, more tea break barrel model, with professional tea and coffee machine fresh extraction per cup of tea, and the introduction of E equipment, standard measure.

tribute tea join good

tribute tea stores for the traditional desktop production process strict requirements, from making a cup of signs Hot Tea, HK Style is remarkable: is the strict selection of the finest raw tea, brewed after the need to combine the special process of tea tea and milk will be two Tarik to a distance of about 1 meters from the repeated impact, and the number of not less than 7 times, in this process, milk particles due to repeated impact, pull down and broken, the formation of the emulsion state, which can combine with the tea, but also can make tea and milk to get into full play. Such stringent requirements, to be able to modulate a cup of " tea thin milk fat " authentic good taste of table milk tea.

in business at the beginning of the establishment of the tribute tea tea, in view of the management team, currently on the market of tea beverage shop but the quality is uneven in quality, be too numerous to enumerate, want to drink a cup of health, natural and high quality tea, it is easy to find; therefore, the tribute tea tea business for his team to set the highest and the most stringent requirements. To uphold the highest standards of "tribute to the imperial tea", to choose our tea and tea raw materials, a tiny bit are not sloppy, because we take consumers as the "emperor" view.

tribute tea join good

Ding imperial tribute tea is Guangzhou jackfruit brand planning Ltd. group’s key brands, its mature brand chain: Ding imperial tribute tea, jackfruit coffee tea, honey, honey dessert round, store in Malaysia, Britain, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Hongkong and other more than and 10 regions, the global total of more than 1 thousand and 500 chain shop. Acer thick company strength, to provide a strong guarantee for your business.


group the efforts of all my colleagues, "Ding imperial tribute tea" rapid development, Chinese around a "Ding imperial tribute tea" gallop battlefield. By the vast number of consumers blitz. Ding imperial tribute tea to the "customer first, service first" for the purpose of adhering to the "pragmatic, progressive and innovative" business philosophy, to achieve customer satisfaction with services, 101% to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises as the goal, has achieved remarkable results, and won the praise of the community.